Middle East for Consultations “MEC” Public Accountants & Consultants established in 1997. Today, we are one of the leading tax advisory firms in Egypt with our strengths firmly rooted in Egypt.

The firm has a diverse client base and our ability to tailor our services to the clients’ needs is one of our approaches.

We conserve an outstanding relationship with our clients by adopting a business partner relationship by focusing on their needs and what is important to them, being responsible and reliable, and maintaining open and trustworthy communication.

Our clients recognize us as their preferred advisor, appreciating our seamless service and approach which help them building value, managing risk and improving performance. We remain focused on helping our clients navigate the changing tax laws, economic and market conditions by providing high quality advice and service on a consistent basis. This will enable us to achieve our ambition to significantly increase our market share and ensure that we are  well-recognized in the market.

We are a leading professional services organization with an impressive heritage and a fresh innovative approach that enables us to help our clients build value, manage risk and improve performance.